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Ramadan Hoops is a unique non-profit organization that emerged from a simple tradition of playing basketball during the nights of Ramadan. What started as a casual gathering of friends on the court has evolved into an inspiring community event. Each year, we organize a basketball tournament, blending the spirit of Ramadan with the thrill of sports. This event isn’t just about competition; it’s a celebration of community, perseverance, and giving. The winning team gets the honor of selecting a charity for donations, emphasizing our commitment to philanthropy. Our mission extends beyond the court, fostering unity, encouraging healthy activities during the holy month, and supporting various charitable causes. Ramadan Hoops is more than a tournament; it’s a movement that brings together sportsmanship, faith, and charitable giving.


Ball Islam is life

At Ramadan Hoops, ‘Islam is Life’ is our guiding principle. During Ramadan, we embrace fasting, a discipline that enhances our spiritual connection and commitment to God. This sacred time fosters reflection and self-improvement, deeply ingraining our faith and values.

On the court, these values translate into respect, teamwork, and perseverance. As we fast by day and play by night, we embody Ramadan’s resilience and spirit. Our games are a testament to discipline, unity, and the essence of Islam.

show us what you got

Stand for something

At Ramadan Hoops, ‘Stand for Something’ signifies our dedication to more than just basketball. We champion charity, community engagement, and personal growth. Our tournament is a beacon for social responsibility and generosity, inspiring positive change in our community. We’re not just playing a game; we’re uniting for a greater cause.

showing up

Ramadan Hoops Faiz going for a dunk

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The Tech guys

Established in 2021. Founded by young and hungry entrepreneurs, owners Ajmal Memon and Mohammad Talal Shaikh, were tired of innocent people being taken advantage of. The two built a team of dedicated, kind specialists who will do anything to help solve their customer’s problems. With 100+ reviews at 5 stars, the duo have built a tech empire quickly becoming the number one computer store in Dallas.